Share the gift of reading and the love of words this holiday season! Browse through our carefully curated Holiday Gift Guide to find the best book recommendations for all kinds of readers in your life.

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For the fiction reader

Dive into one—or all—of the different worlds in these pages: from the sudden appearance of aliens, to the struggles of two priests in 17th-century Japan, to our own unique twists on Shakespeare’s tale of star-crossed lovers.


For the YA lover

Ride the roller coaster adventure of growing up with this year’s best young adult stories. There’s always a new mystery to solve, a beloved story to come back to, a new you to discover—or the old you waiting to be found again.


For real-life stories

Here are a few essential tips for all of life’s complexities, from the minds of different personalities—from a comedian to a spy, a renowned journalist to a basketball legend, great contemporary minds to the minds that shaped our history.


For everyday luxuries

There are stories to be found even outside of fiction—in the dishes we cook, the clothes we wear, the places we escape to and the places we call home. Add a touch of beauty and flavor to your everyday life with these lifestyle and design titles.


For stories in different forms

The characters we fell in love with on the screen and on the stage bring their magic straight to our hands. With each turn of the page, we can relive the stories we love—and perhaps discover something more.


For the early reader

New friends and familiar faces await readers of all ages in this year’s collection of the best children’s books. Explore all the places you can go with the little ones, from Asteroid B-612 to galaxies far, far away.


For the geeks who will rule the world

Indulge your inner fanboy and fangirl with this year’s offering of graphic novels. Find staple favorites from DC and Marvel, along with Neil Gaiman’s slice of life and the ever-popular manga One-Punch Man.


For the stories we write ourselves

Sometimes the best stories are the ones rooted in our personal experiences, our make-believes, our daily conversations. Don’t be afraid to let your mind wander and create the stories you are meant to tell.


For something close to home

We don’t need to search far and wide to find great reads. Most of them are right in front of us, woven into existence by people with whom we share the same air. Support our homegrown talent with these local titles.

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Good cheer and great joy to you this Christmas!


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