The long wait is over – Carve the Mark is finally here! This highly anticipated title from Divergent author Veronica Roth takes us to a galaxy filled with unique powers, violence and vengeance, tyranny and loyalty. We chat with Veronica for a peek at how this new series was brought to life, and to get to know this amazing writer a little bit more.

FULLY BOOKED: First off, we couldn’t wait for Carve the Mark – the hype is real, and now it’s here! What was your inspiration behind it?

VERONICA ROTH: When I was very young, maybe eleven or twelve, I came up with an idea: a story about a young man who is kidnapped by people from an enemy country, and then, years later, when he returns, he has to figure out how to relate to his family again after going through this trauma. Don’t ask me why eleven-year-old Veronica was interested in this, I can’t tell you! But I’ve been searching for the right way to tell that story ever since. Carve the Mark was the first version of it that felt like the right fit.

Building a fictional world takes a lot of work, time, and imagination. As it grows, when you write and when we read, it feels like everything has an origin story. Can you shed some light on your creation of this new world?

Well, really, it’s all about story and characters for me, at first. But there is one guiding principle for the world building that I can point to: I wanted to think about priorities. I think the priorities of a country or a culture influence so many physical details—what kind of technology they develop, what kind of design they use, what kind of clothes they wear. Most of Shotet clothing is armored, for example, because demonstrating strength is (for historical reasons) very important to their culture and survival. Most things they design are some shade of blue because blue is the color of the currentstream (a natural phenomena in this galaxy) when they go on their yearly sojourn. That kind of thing.

There’s no doubt that the Divergent series was a huge success. How did it feel when you first dove into this new project? Is your writing process now different from when you were writing Divergent?

When I first dove into this project, it was while waiting for Insurgent edits, so I was really just playing around with the story and the world. I tried not to think about what it could become. But when I decided to commit to it, it was a bit daunting to think about working on something other than Divergent. Ultimately, though, when you write, you just have to shut out that kind of stuff. You can’t think about how people will react, or you won’t be able to continue. So that’s what I did—I just pretended there was no pressure, that I was alone with the story.

You’ve given us many memorable characters over the years, and soon we’ll get to meet a new set. Do you share any similarities with the protagonists of your stories? Or any of the characters?

I share similarities with all my characters—I think that’s what allows me to write about them. This time I was particularly focused on my antagonist, Ryzek, Cyra’s brother. I wanted to make sure I could relate to him so I could make him as complex as possible. So I decided that Ryzek and I would share our profound anxiety. I can relate to anyone who lives with that. What Ryzek does with his fear, well, that’s inexcusable, but he at least starts from a place that makes sense to me.

In one sentence, what can fans expect from Carve the Mark?

Space adventures, poisonous flowers, and…fighting. (Lots of fighting.)

Do you have any writing rituals or routines that you can share with us?

Not really! I honestly don’t do well with routines. Every day is different, for me. There’s no trick to writing—you just have to sit down and do it. That said, if you have trouble getting into a character, think about making a playlist for them, and listen to it before you start to write. Sometimes that helps me.

If you could give your 13-year-old self any advice, may it be on life in general or on writing in particular, what would it be?

Be kind to people, and don’t stick with people who are repeatedly unkind to you. It’s a good rule for anyone at any age, I think.

Can you share with us one unique thing about you that your fans don’t know?

This is tough! I don’t really lead a wild or exciting life, so…I only eat bananas when they’re still green, maybe? And I’m never more uncomfortable than when I’m wearing a dress.

Quick game of “Kiss. Marry. Kill.” Among Peter, Eric, and Caleb of Divergent, who will you kiss, who will you marry, and who will you kill?

This is extremely difficult! I don’t like any of these people! But since you’re forcing me to answer, I guess I’d marry Caleb, kiss Eric, kill Peter.

Thank you, Veronica! One last thing before we let you go. We need to prove that you are, indeed, a human being. Would you mind taking a photo right now for your fans?


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  1. No more in-flight meals, or even free peanuts.

  2. I am sooooo excited to read Carve The Mark <3

  3. Marie Bernadette Quilala

    I’ve been reading a lot of comments about the book not living up to their expectations. Because of what the Divergent Series has put up for its fans, we expect Carve the Mark to have lots of action, breath-taking scenes too. But for me, I look forward to this book because for me diversity is important. No matter what the plot of this book is, as long as it delivers its message well. Changes are meant for the better!

  4. It’s been a long time since I last read a Veronica Roth book, especially at how the Divergent Series ended! With all the hype I’ve been reading about Carve the Mark, I’m actually expecting it to have a lot more action and science-thingy stuffs, because it’s a sci-fi novel – and I’ve been in a sci-fi reading binge lately! I really do want to see more underdog characters that progresses as the story moves on – just like Tris in Divergent!

  5. Another most awaited book on my top TBR list. I’m so excited!

  6. Everything that veronica create is surreal and exceptional. I hope this is as good.

  7. Vina M. Ambas

    My tastes in books include adventure and supernatural beings and phenomena. I am always excited to read novels with themes such as these. Ms. Veronica Roth’s new book can actually be a second favorite of mine next to Rick Riordan’s series. And also, I’ve been a fan of the Divergent movies series, so this book may also quench my thirst for reading an adventure-packed book.

  8. I am sooo stoked to read this one! I think every Veronica Roth novel is worth the hype! ^-^

  9. Chinee Leobrera

    Excited to read her books! Hope it’ll be the cure for my slump

  10. I honestly expect the same things I loved about the Divergent trilogy: fair balance of action and development, but hopefully none that will terribly leave us hanging like we were slapped with a huge plot twist just like what happened in Allegiant. XD


  12. Myke Clarisse Vinson

    I expect lots of fight scenes, romance and friendship. I soo love her Divergent series so my expectation on her new book is quite high. I am so excited to read it 🙂

  13. Juval Zeric Fontanilla

    Ever since I’ve got my hands on an excerpt from Carve the Mark (the one they gave away with every purchase from FB’s MIBF booth), I was stoked to read the rest of it! Being a bookworm for years now, I’ve read dozens of books of different genres and I really expect to see Carve the Mark be the best new thing to reach the shelves soon. I’m expecting a lot from this book and I really hope to see it among my favorites list but I have no doubts Veronica Roth will nail this one as much she did with the Divergent series.

  14. I expect heart-pumping action and adventure, swoonworthy romance and an unforgettable story!

  15. Chesca Quimora

    To be honest, I’ve never read a Veronica Roth book before (I know you’re thinking that I missed more than half of my life by not reading the Divergent series), but then I found this book on goodreads and felt like I would utterly enjoy it! It was in my recommendations and I trust goodreads’ generated recommendations very much. I don’t know what’s in store for me when I get to read this book since I don’t know the author’s writing style yet, but I hope it has a magnificent world-building and a set of exquisitely-developed characters. 🙂

  16. I expect this book to be action pack, great world building, and diverse characters.

  17. I am a big fan of Veronica Roth and I want to support her by reading all of her books.

  18. Carve The Mark is one of my most anticipated releases in 2017. I’m expecting a lot from this book. Both in good and bad ways. I’ve seen how many readers have got some issues with this book…. for some reasons. It’s been creating a lot of buzz in the reading and blogging community, and I just want to see it for myself. I loved Divergent so much, and I love Veronica Roth’s writing style! So, I’m just really looking forward to see a “brand new world” from her, with brand new story, and brand new characters.

  19. I have HIGH expectations for this primarily because its. Veronica. freaking. Roth. Even though I became wishy-washy towards her Divergent trilogy, I am excited for this because it’s going to be SAVAGE (maybe literally and figuratively speaking) in the BEST (!!!!!!!) way!

  20. There’s been a lot of hype and (heated) discussion about certain elements in Veronica Roth’s new book, I know it’s been years since the Divergent series came out and I am personally curious (mostly because of the discussions) and I’m very, very interested to find out more about the book. Crossing fingers I win a copy!

  21. Pauline Paulino

    I’ve seen the huge hype about Carve The Mark over various social media platforms, and I’ve been trying my best to avoid any spoilers so based on the interview, I guess I’m just expecting a gorgeous mix between traditional and futuristic themes (be it in terms of fashion or fighting). Oh, don’t forget about the sci-fi and space adventures! To carve the mark to infinity and beyond, here I come!

  22. Christine Isabel Sta. Mina

    Since it’s another Veronica Roth book, I expect another mindblowing and another simply out of this world (that’s a Carve The Mark joke that even I, myself, admit that it’s pretty corny) story to get hooked up to. I expect that this is another book that I will surely fangirl over with

  23. I already have read this book but don’t have a physical copy of it because I just borrowed the book from my friend. First and foremost, the book has a very lovely book case. The map of the world is embossed in the cover (hardback). Aside from that too stunning cover, this book is a totally epic read! It’s totally perfect for intergalactic YA fanatics or you just love character names that are very hard to pronounce. haha. Plus, there are elements of mental health seen in this book too and lots of other elements that made this book a very great read 🙂

  24. I am expecting a lot of space action. And also that it will live up to its hype.

  25. Stacey Reyes

    I’m expecting a new world with action, love, and witty comments. I’m not sure if it will ever match the Divergent series but I think it will surpass everyone’s expectations.

  26. Yna Felisa Montañez

    A whirlwind of romance and action!!!! I also expect a meaningful character development.

  27. Another trilogy, maybe? 🙂 Another AWESOME BOOK from Veronica Roth!

  28. Jovylene Yvette Burgos

    I love the Divergent series so much that’s why I’ve got high hopes for this!

  29. Zairah Divino

    Honestly, I don’t know what I’m expecting. I’ve heard a lot of things about Carve The Mark, both good and bad. I just hope that it’s way better than Allegiant.

  30. I expect that this book would be awesome enough that I wouldn’t mind not sleeping until I finish reading!

  31. A whole new fictional world that’s beyond anyone’s imagination.

  32. Lana Caronongan

    I’m expecting a lot from this book because it’s from Veronica. One of the timeless author of this generation ❤

  33. Dominique Sunio

    I am always in love with sci-fi and dystopian especially after reading Roth’s Divergent series. I hope she delivers the same action she made with her bestselling series.

  34. Maria Celina Rovillos

    I’m a huge fan of Veronica Roth. I really, really love her The Divergent Series. I’ve read them even before the movie was released. So imagine my surprise and excitement when it was announced that V. Roth was writing a new book. I immediately added it to my goodreads TBR then. And I’ve been waiting for Carve The Mark ever since. Thank you so much for this opportunity, Fully Booked, you are seriously the best! <3

  35. The Divergent series was one of the best dystopian novels I read. For that reason, I am excited about Carve the Mark. Author Veronica Roth will surely outdo herself.

  36. Dan Nikkoli Soria

    An action-packed mind-boggler, heart wrencher, planet hopping, 468-page blockbuster every reader will indulge up to its sequel’s release.

  37. I saw the Carve The Marks book trailer and I am very excited to get my hands on it! I loved the Divergent Series – especially when it hit the big screen — so I expect that Cyra will be better than Tris. 🙂 (I love Tris!)

  38. That it succeeds in being as action-packed as the Divergent series 😀 can’t wait to read this !!!

  39. Oohhh After reading this and I was like: “I need to read this!!!!!”
    I am very very curious abou this book. Veronica Roth 🙂

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    I absolutely loved the Divergent series for its action-packed and unique dystopian setting. Hopefully, Carve The Mark will feature an intriguing plot and memorable and interesting characters and perhaps even surpass the success of its predecessor. I trust Veronica Roth to give us readers another thrill with her new book.

  41. That it is going to be a good one. I am really hoping it is!

  42. Oooooh! This blog post made me more curious to read Carve The Mark!!!! Thanks a lot fully booked!

  43. hoping it would be as good as Divergent or better

  44. Lots of action, angst and hopefully some beautiful and quiet character moments.

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