By Ivy Rodriguez

Here it comes: the time to say our goodbyes to Lara Jean Song Covey and all the people she’s brought into our lives (more importantly, Peter K.).

I read To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, the first book of this series, a few years back and remembered how much I liked it. It was cute and fluffy, a great reminder of how it was like to have crushes when you’re still really young. Plus, Jenny Han did bring us Peter Kavinsky, that boy we all knew and had in our lives: the popular one, the handsomest of all the handsome boys in school.

When the second book came, I may be one of those who felt a bit disappointed, just because it sort of fell short of the delight the first book gave. So naturally, when Always and Forever, Lara Jean presented itself to me, I was a bit hesitant.

I asked myself, do I still want to dive back in to this world and give it another shot?

I did. And the good news is: I am so glad to have done it.

Always and Forever, Lara Jean takes on Lara Jean’s senior year. So that means dreading the results of her college applications, prom, and whether or not she and Peter K would stay together. They have a plan, of course, but we all know that not all plans push through. As I was breezing through this book, I just had to pause because ooof, can’t Lara Jean catch a break? What a tough year she’s been having!

Then again, they say hardships are good for character building and my god, did Lara Jean grow up or what. The book for me was a bit slow until its 60-70% mark, and this is where I started rooting for Lara Jean the most. Honestly, I dived back to this series for Peter Kavinsky, because the boy can deliver a swoon fest, but nothing beats the pride I felt for Lara Jean when she finally listened to all the things her mentors (Margot, her late mom, Stormy, the women in her life basically) had been telling her all this time.

And when she did it, it was swift and certain: decided like an adult that she is becoming. I think everyone who’s been with Lara Jean from Book 1 will be extremely proud of her.

But we still have our Peter, and that torturous question that has been looming around the entirety of this book: will they stay together?

Peter and Lara Jean were skirting around the idea, making vague plans on how they can make it work, throwing words like “we’ll figure it out.” I can’t tell if I’m sad or jealous of their naivety, but towards the end, as much as I am all for Lara Jean going off to pursue her own path without thinking of Peter to hold her back, I can’t help but root for the boy and for them.

I’m still in a puddle of emotion because not only did this book gave me enough reasons to swoon for days, but it also left a great message that I think young girls would appreciate. I’m not a young girl, but hey, it’s never too late to hear some things that could help you with your decision-making.

Always and Forever, Lara Jean screams bittersweet, and it is the perfect piece to cap off the series. Now that’s how you say goodbye to your readers.

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Ivy Rodriguez likes to read Young Adult and Contemporary Romance novels. She works for the music industry by day and spends most of her nights with fictional friends.

[Thoughts and views expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not expressly reflect the views of Fully Booked. That said, we love our authors anyway.]


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  1. Dear Lara Jean,

    Upon diving into your story, I honestly though I would be reading another cliche swoon fest. I initially disliked you at first, with your immaturity and fickle-mindedness driving you headfirst into unfortunate circumstances.

    But later on, I realized that like you, I was like that as well when I was younger. I didn’t think much of the consequences every choice entailed. I was (sometimes am still, too) selfish and poorly acted in situations. Your character became so relatable, with your heart-wrenching backstory, artsy and witty self, and those mad baking skills.

    In your letters I found comfort and emotion that I’ve once felt with my former puppy loves. I am so proud of how far you’ve come from your juvenile self, but still able to maintain your passion, love, and quirks that made people love you more.

    You’re perfectly imperfect, and that’s the best thing about you. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  2. Hello Lara Jean,

    When I first read your love letters thru the pages of To All The Boy I Loved Before, the feelings emerged.

    I was heart broken at that time and your letters kept me company and made me believe that true love might exist somewhere.

    You were at that the time undecided if your feelings with Peter was real while me on the other hand, still healing from my past love.

    When P.S I Still Love You came out, I was with you in your dilemma. Deep inside I knew that you would choose the right thing and that you would finally be happy with your life.

    And then, to my surprise here is Always and Forever. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m sure this would definitely rock my world again and I have to get my feelings ready with the final closure. I will be with you because you help me survive on the darkest day of my life.

  3. looking forward to reading this one since both my girls & i love the first 2books as well! wohooo!! =)

  4. Janz Marinela Kilario

    Hi Lara Jean! Great times, huh?♥ Two books and it made me feel that you’re like a real sister to me. All the emotions and thoughts are always the same! You know what, you helped me realize how I really appreciated the boys I’ve loved before, so thank you. And for helping me to realize also that in my own way, I can help myself to heal and forgive so I can love again, better this time. High five and *huuuuuug* for you. Anyway, I am so excited what will happen to you and Peter because I remember myself squealing inside of a public van the moment I read the last storyline. Hahahaha!! It was embarrassing but I am really looking forward to your story. Hearts everywhere♥ I am going to miss you!! Big time! All the love, Janz

  5. Myke Vinson

    I can’t wait to read this one!! I was so excited when Jenny Han announced a third book and now it’s here! Omg!

  6. Denise Paulino

    I’ve heard tons of great reviews and feedback about Jenny Han’s works, but never had the chance to read any book so far. So if I’d win a copy of “Always and Forever, Lara Jean”, I think that’d be an awesome way to start.

  7. Dear Lara Jean,

    The first time I met you and known about your life, I was having second thoughts of whether I’d like diving into your world. It’s not because I dislike you. No. I like you and your quirks wholeheartedly.

    I think most bookworms have the same tendency as I am – we feel what the characters feel, think their thoughts, be them, you get the picture. And it is that kind of connection that I was afraid to have with you.

    You see Lara Jean, I was you a long time ago. I may not have written such honest, innocent, yet elegant letters to the boys I liked but I did like a lot of boys and I too wrote about them. But unlike you, I didn’t write to let go. I wrote when I was certain I liked them.

    I wrote to “immortalize” my moments with them. Rereading those moments made me feel like we are really connected, more than what we actually are.

    The moment that I knew they like some other girl, or boy, I tore what I wrote and throw it away and not think about all those like what you did with your letters.

    How you remind me so much of my young, innocent self is so scary and I can’t help feeling a bit nostalgic too.

    What made me decide to fully take the plunge though to your world wasn’t because of the butterflies on my stomach whenever Peter K. was being simply nice at first or all the moments you had with the boys you loved. It was actually the moments between those that convinced me to take you on.

    The mundane things that you do with your family – your interaction with your dad & Margo, and your little banter with Kitty; your concentration when you’re creating or baking something; how you awkwardly made friends and how you valued those connection. These things and so much more pushed me to continue reading from TATBILB to PSISLY.

    Hearing about AAFLJ kind of made me sad and excited for you. You will be on your final year on high school. You are growing up, Lara Jean. And I’m really proud because I know that you will be a wise & strong woman someday. You may not feel like that now but I know you will be. Believe me.

    It was nice to feel young and inlove on this journey of mine with you but I know I’d have to let go.

    But let me hold on for now. Let me hold your life until I finished reading the 3rd book. I’ll say goodbye then.

    Laters Lara Jean.


  8. Pau Salvador

    Honestly, I havent tried reading any of Jenny Han’s novels but a friend recommended to me this book. She says that whenever me and my significant other are going thru bad times, this book would be my “book boyfriend”. I’m really eager to read this book and quite curious if I could have the same exprience as hers.

  9. Marie Bernadette Quilala

    To my different kind of heroine,

    When I first started To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, I quickly fell for you who enjoys spending time with her family, baking cookies, and having fun crafting at home. It was nice to read such a realistic, down-to-earth heroine who felt so relatable. I also have siblings that love to drive me crazy, so Kitty’s antics always put a smile on my face, too.

    It’s nice to know that no matter what life throws at you, you always stay true to yourself. You may not have had the most dramatic struggles thrown your way, but your dilemmas were things that I remembered struggling through in high school.

    Seeing this final chapter of your story play out was like looking back through time. I remember the struggles of deciding on a college, thinking about my major, trying to figure out how much time away from home would be too much, and how I was going to keep in touch with family and friends once I’d gone.

    Lara Jean doesn’t always make the best decisions. She doesn’t always do the right thing. She tries very hard to be a good person, and apologizes when she makes mistakes. Watching her navigate one of the most trying and confusing times in a young person’s life is cathartic for those that have already lived through it.

    And for those that haven’t, let Lara Jean’s struggles serve as a perspective into a time in your life that is going to be difficult, but necessary. It reminds us all that it’s okay to make mistakes, as long as you are willing to handle the consequences of your actions.

    Is it sad to say goodbye to Lara Jean now? Yes, as it was at the end of P.S. I Still Love You. It’s hard to know that this is where the story is going to leave us, but it’s also reassuring that, as a fictional character, we can imagine what Lara Jean is doing at just about any time in her life for the rest of our lives.

    We’ve gotten to know this character very well, so I can imagine how she handles the challenges that life throws her way as she navigates the newest drama with her clubs and classes. I can see her getting her first apartment and Skyping with Margot and Kitty as she hangs art on her walls. I can hear the midnight phone calls with Peter as she tells him about applying for internships and starts the post-college job hunt. Life goes on for Lara Jean, and we can return to her story for guidance any time we’d like.

    Ultimately, Lara Jean makes the decision that works best for her — even though it’s scary and means making some hard compromises in her relationships with family and friends. But that’s what the book — and senior year — are all about: facing the future head-on, as frightening as it may be. You tackle multiple changes in this book , and you don’t always deal with those changes in a healthy way. And that’s OK. See you around, Lara Jean!

    Forever & Always,

  10. I have never read the book tbh. I’m hesitant. But i think with your review I might dive into this book. 🙂 thanks for your review

  11. My Dearest Lara,
    I know how it feels to be attached to someone and how hard it is to let go.
    For sometime, there was this person in my life who was the truth I cannot escape and the only one I saw. Just when I thought everything was possible, he broke my heart into two without even knowing. Your story may have entertained me very, very much but most importantly, it showed me to open my heart for other boys as well. Although, it seemed impossible in the beginning but I was continuing to understand that I could in fact live without him. Because of that, I took a leaf from your book by writing a letter to him and telling him different things including the fact that I don’t know if I’ll ever feel again what I felt about him but I don’t know if I should. Of course, I did not send him the letter too, that’s the point, right?
    If you are still reading this part thank you so much and may you be sprinkled with tons of love and happiness in your life! <3
    P.S Lara and Peter forever xoxo

  12. Mikee Garcia

    Ms. Ivy’s review says it all. I can’t wait for this third book though too. I think Jenny Han made PSISLY differently compared to TATBILB because she has something in store for us here in AAFLJ that is big or unexpected. Of course, because it is the last one in the trilogy.

  13. Dear Lara Jean,

    I have to admit, I am not one who is fond of YA romance novels. I don’t exactly know why I prefer dystopian books than them, but stumbling upon your story changed my perception to romance novels forever.

    In the two books you’ve shared with us, you have been completely honest and realistic, and I guess that’s what I love about you. You let us dove in your fantasies as a highschool student who’s taking her chance of love but also smacked us in the face with the reality of romance.

    So thank you, Lara Jean, for making me remember how radiating falling in love can be, not only to a significant other, but also to friends and family. It’s actually a sad that this will be the last time that I’ll be hearing your story, but nonetheless, I am thankful that you’ve shared it to me, and to million of girls out there in the world for the third time.

    So long, Lara Jean. May you never lose the drive to love!

    Always and forever,
    Angela. ❤

  14. Dear Lara Jean,

    Funny how our time together has passed by so quickly, it felt as if it was just yesterday I was peeling off the plastic of “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.” But now we’re on your third where I will see this story of yours come to a close. I have gone with you through all your choices and experiences, sometimes you’ve made the right ones while other times you’ve made the wrong ones. I couldn’t exactly judge you because we’re still teens, this is the time we’re still understanding how this adulting life works.

    I’m so proud of you Lara Jean. I’m proud that you were able to walk through these events as bravely as possible. From the moment you realize your letters were sent out to the time you were slut shamed in the hallways of your high school. I don’t think I would’ve taken any of these events lightheartedly if it were me who was experiencing these things instead of you.

    Here a just my last few words that I’d want you to remember me by. Never stop baking. I honestly connected to you Lara Jean because you were an Asian girl who baked. Which was basically me in a few words. I’ve always had these weird connections with characters who baked because I knew what it felt like. I hope you never forget that Lara Jean. 🙂

    Here’s a recipe to super moist olive oil cake 😉

    Always and Forever,

  15. Dear Lara Jean,

    At first, I had this thought that I wouldn’t get hooked on your love story. Thanks to my friend for giving me the first book that led me into reading the thing in just a day. I was seriously obsessed with your character, Lara. I loved you and i wish i could be just like you. Not to mention having such an adorable sister, Kitty and of course Margot. Even though you had some serious matter with her, I still adore your sisterhood. You still managed to fix everything and regardless of whatever issue happened, your relationship just became stronger. I am so looking forward to meeting my own Peter. Thank you for the times you existed, It’s just sad that you have to go. If i would be given a chance to choose from the characters I’ve encountered through the novels Ive read, I’d choose you over and over again. I appreciate you being the mom/elder sister for kitty when Margot is not around. I idolize you for being brave in taking risk to follow your heart, face the consequences of your weakness, and for being fearless with falling in love. I love everything about you. And just the thought of you leaving makes my heart tear into pieces. I will not lose hope that we’ll cross paths again. I will always keep and treasure you in the bottom of my heart.

    Always and Forever,

  16. Cathy Macalindong

    Dear Lara Jean,

    So this is goodbye then.
    I know how much you’ve been through and gaaad you’ve grown. Not just physically (of course that’s given you’re in high school!) but also emotionally and intellectually. You’ve become so strong you can really rely on your own now. I just hope, and wish, that you’ll always remember how to laugh, live, and of course love. Let’s just love Peter okay?


  17. Janine Cristen Alday

    Dear Lara Jean,

    I’ve got the chance to know you and your world on my second year in college. Your life (particularly your love life ) made my imaginary world HAPPY. I don’t know, but I wish to be like you as my other self if there would be any chance. However, being left by youe sister for academics is much likely to what I am right now. I now know how you have felt when Margot left, specially the sense of being the “Head sister” for my other siblings. It’s like you just want to break yourself into two for your friends and your responsibility for your family.

    Nevertheless, I haven’t met my PETER K. in life so I’d be so much happier in reading the last book because I will get to meet him soon.

    I hope you will be more succesful, of course still with kitty and your beloved daddy. I love you so much, Always and Forever.

  18. Dear Lara Jean,

    When I first met you, I felt like it would be another cookie-cutter heroine but I was wrong. While I was going through your story, I felt like I was travelling back to my high school years. Those years of naivety, awkwardness, and cluelessness when it comes to love and life came back. Your story reminded me of how it felt like to grow up and to move away from your safe haven. You reminded me that the love is not like in the movies because it’s better and it’s real.

    I feel like I am not prepared to read your story because it’s like I’ll be saying goodbye to my dear friend. Another chapter lies ahead of you, so go and live your life.
    Always and forever,


    I never had a sister but whenever I’m going to your story I felt like I’m a part of the Song girls.

  19. I’m looking forward to reading this book. The first 2 books were my favorite YA book and I really fell in love with Lara and Peter. I love them both! Crossing my fingers and toes! Thank Fully Booked for having this awesome giveaway! =)

  20. I have always been a fan of YA fiction even though I’m now no longer a “young adult” and when I first saw the cover and title of Jenny Han’s then latest book I was really intrigued. And it really didn’t dissapoint because almost every thought and feelings Lara Jean have thought and felt I can relate. I keep saying “feeeels” and wanted to highlight or write them as quotes. I reall related to her turmoil her thoughts about love about change. I felt poignant about some of my high school and teen years. I loved it so much highly recommended it to a lot of my friends. I thought the “To all the Boys I’ve Loved before” will be a standalone and imagine my surprise when “P.S. I still Love You” came, even though I was i bit dissapointed by the book and prefer the first one I still loved it. Now that the final book of the trilogy is out, I really really want to read it to see and read the final journey of Lara Jean before going to college, when everything would change and about growing up, the decisions she has for her future. I want to closure. I want to say goodbye.

  21. Oh my ! I can’t wait to read Always and Forever, Lara Jean! 2nd book was so cliffhanger. And i cant wait if Lara Jean will end up with Peter K (so rooting for them ) . But still, gonna miss Lara Jean and Peter K. To Lara Jean, thank you for the sleepless nights we shared. The inspiration you gave. The “kilig” factor of your story that gave me the idea “how i wish someone would do this like your little did, sending off your letters”. Because you, Lara Jean , and I are quiet similar when it comes to writing some letters for your crushes but the difference is i write it in my journal. And as you end your story Lara Jean, the inspiration and lesson you gave me will remain in my heart and mind. Im gonna miss you Lara Jean.

    And thank you Jenny Hann for writing an awesome stories. Currently reading you work, The Summer I Turned Pretty and i’m waiting for my mum to buy me your third book from the trilogy of Burn For Burn. Thank you! And keep inspiring everyone. 🙂

  22. Lana Caronongan

    I am looking forward on reading this book <3
    I love Peter & Lara Jean so much <3

  23. I was intrigued by the first book, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, because of its title that’s why I bought it. True enough,the title is as wonderful as the story inside it. I also loved the character Lara Jean because she’s half-Korean and I am a sucker for anything Korean. I bought P.S. I Still Love You because I was excited by what’s going to happen between Lara Jean and Peter. So it came as a surprise that a third book was released. Jenny Han is such a wonderful author. I guess all fans didn’t expect that coming. So I am so excited for the last book. Hoping it is as good as the first two or better. ❤

  24. Dear Lara Jean Song Covey, or shall I say, to my favorite character I couldn’t stop loving,

    You’re really lovely. I kept seeing you whenever I drop by at different Fully Booked stores– you’re always there, sitting by the best sellers from time to time. Your face became so familiar to me that I became intrigued; I wanted to know you better! But what was stopping me? Finances. From time to time, I haven’t had the luxury of meeting you. But everything changed when a really good friend of mine introduced me to you.. I couldn’t stop listening to your stories: the way you lost Josh to Margot, how you pretended to be Kavinsky’s girlfriend, ended up in bad blood with Gen, and so much more. And now you’re reaching your senior year with prom and college and all, I’m happy for you. Know that you’ll always be my favorite.

    P.S. My “good friend” is now my lover. Thanks to you.

    Always and Forever,

  25. Katrina Hallare

    Dear Lara Jean,

    I hope you and I both find our ways. You’re an incoming college student, while I myself will exit mine. And I hope like you, I find my own Peter K. Let’s finish strong, shall we? I love you.

    -Kat 🙂

  26. Angela Marie Balhon

    Dear Lara Jean,
    You hvae truly grown throughout the series. When I first opened To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, it really captivated me because you are someone who we the readers can relate to, someone who loves truly and truthfully. I hope that everything goes well and you’ll continue to reach your dreams.
    P.S I Still Love You even if I’ll not be able to read about you anymore

    Always & Forever,
    Angela Marie

  27. of the fountain

    Everybody seems to be rooting for Peter but I hope, in this book, there will be a little bit about John Ambrose McClare because after all, he is the guy that could have been.

    But whatever happens in the book and story, hopefully it won’t disappoint. It is Jenny Han afterall.

  28. Can’t wait to read this one. I am a fan of YA Novels and this will surely be on my TBR list this year. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and P.S I Still Love You left an impact to my heart. I really love the way Jenny Han wrote the 2 previous installment with a sweet and realistic-kind of romance. Peter and Lara Jean goes to my favorite characters and they are surely unforgettable. It made me inspired and it also made me fell in-love. Thank you for the review! Glad that I heard your opinions and to have someone who also liked this novel.

  29. Kendal Rhode

    I would love to read this book! Thank you for the chance!

  30. These books are definitely my top most favorite contemporary read. It’s not just an ordinary teen love story that started as we commonly know in many books written out there. It’s so lovely cause it all started with a love letter written for the boys a girl loved and tries not to love anymore. Until one day, she had the courage to voice out the feeling she didn’t expect to come out as words. It tought me to be brave and to dream.

  31. Looking forward to reading this! So glad Jenny Han decided to make To All the Boys into a trilogy.

  32. Kat Aquino

    This is exactly what I thought and felt when I read this one. Thank you for this wonderful review! ❤

  33. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and PS I Still Love You are few of the YA that I love. Now that Lara Jean is saying goodbye, I’d love to know how every thing played out.

  34. Britney Sarmen

    Dear Lara Jean,
    It’s been quite some time since I’ve gotten to know you. And truth be told, it felt like I met another me. You and I are so alike in many ways. We both love our families that we’d do anything to make them happy. Being close to my family, it’s always been hard to not be around them. We’re both introverted but you’re way cooler than me. We both have the desire to be at home and not break out of our comfort zones, but I can see that you’re trying to break out of your shell. Lara Jean, you’re a very special character, though you annoy me sometimes but my admiration for you is bigger than this planet. I’ve never fully understood anything about myself until I read your story, met you. You’ve had quite a character change-a change for the better. From being this fragile girl, you became a person who became brave. It was nice to see you grow, and because of that I want to see my growth as well (I’m trying hard though hehe (: )I know I’ve only known you for a short while but that short while was one of the best I’ve had this summer. Getting to know you wasn’t a regret, it was indeed a blessing. Now, as you go on to your final chapter of high school life, may you gain more confidence and trust yourself a little bit more. Be stronger, wiser, and braver-you’ve become an inspiration to many and that includes me. It’s not the end, I hope to see more of you and your potential.

  35. Thank you for the very nice review. 🙂 I have read the first two books so I’m very excited to read the last one!

  36. Kestra Evans

    Lara Jean is one of my most favorite book-characters. She is kind, caring, studious and above all, she values love and her family.

    I have been with Lara Jean since the very beginning; where she experienced all the heartaches but also found her first love–Peter Kavinsky. Along with that, she discovered that love is not just pretty boys, mesmerizing smiles, sweet words, and butterflies; love is about being the best version of yourself for the one you love even if circumstances tell you otherwise.

    I can’t wait to read the last installment for this series. With her whole life ahead of her, I am looking forward to diving in Lara Jean’s world, one last time, as she navigates the hardship of loving someone.

  37. Merinellie

    This is truly an amazing read for me. Peter K and Lara Jean

  38. Clariz queja

    This series made me reminisce my high school years. It made me appreciate the hurdles and the heartbreaks and the solitude I experienced which made me this strong now. Thank you, Lara Jean. Thank you, Jenny Han. Much love.

  39. Joanna Marie Azarcon

    Dear Lara Jean,
    It’s kinda hard to let your story go. We’ve been with you through ups and downs and we’ve seen you grow into a beautiful lady that you are. Though it will be hard just know that I will always root for you and Kavinsky. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I wish you all the best in college! Make us proud! 🙂

  40. I so loved every book in this series!!!! Excited to read the third one.

  41. Jocelle Ruth Manlangit

    I’m not yet ready to say my goodbyes to Lara Jean, especially Peter Kavinsky, and Kitty!

  42. Now, I really want to read the third book! I wonder what happened to Kitty. Nevertheless, this book review is amazing!

  43. I loved every bit of the story. Everyone should definitely read it.

  44. I may not have known you personally but I feel like I know you in so many deep levels.

  45. Lara Jean, I have been with you since Book 1. It had been a blast. From what I thought would be a cliche, became something worthwhile. Lara Jean’s character; beautiful and witty. She has grown so far ever since the so called “incident” turned to miracle. You got confused and lost in the way, but you always knew who to go back to. You finally knew what love really is. You are so strong and I can’t believe we have to say goodbye to an amazing character like you. You have inspired girls to write their heart out. You inspired girls to take the risk, no matter how you got in that situation. You have made us laugh and made us cry as well. It has been a rollercoaster ride. Your love story is truly a unique one that none of us could ever get over it, to be honest. Falling inlove and having a choice truly is difficult. You may not be real but in our hearts, you have created this beautiful adventure that I am sure that no one will forget. I may not have read the last book and as much as I am excited to read it, I am saddened due to the fact that it is unfortunately the last thing we will read about Lara Jean. Expectations will always be different. I am glad to have met you, Lara Jean. Continue to live on as a legacy for us girls. Reading your story will never be a regret, thank you for inspiring someone like me to love and to love hard.

  46. Innah Jane Sanchez

    Aahhhhh!!! I’m more excited to read the last book
    of the series! Thank you for this!

  47. John Mark Talavera

    Thanks for the review. Tho I haven’t finished Book 1 hahaha. I want to win on this giveaway. Bye *rushes finishing book 1*

  48. I feel you on the disappointment that was book 2 and the hesitation of getting my hands on this last one. But for Lara Jean, I’ll try again. Thanks for the insight

  49. I can’t wait to get a copy of Jenny Han’s new book! Thank you for this review!

  50. Loved your review! Can’t wait to read it!! <3

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