By Rakkel B.

I’ve been a fangirl almost my entire life (so far). I know the joys, woes, and struggles of liking someone or something so much that your world ends up revolving around them. Admittedly it’s a difficult lifestyle to uphold especially if you’re short of resources such as decent internet, money, and time. But, at the end of the day, I find that being a fangirl is worth every bit of effort because being a part of a fandom is like being a part of an amazing, crazy family.

Geekerella grabbed at my fangirl heartstrings and didn’t let go until the final page. From the title you’d know that it’s a retelling of the classic fairy tale “Cinderella,” but of course there’s more to it than that. It’s about Elle Wittimer, a loyal fan (or Stargunner as they’re properly called) of the popular sci-fi TV show Starfield. Because her favorite fellow Stargunner, her father, has passed away, she can no longer freely do anything Starfield-related especially with her stepmother and twin stepsisters around. They treat her more an errand girl than a family member, and her stepmother is out to control her life. Elle, however, decides that enough is enough. Her chance to escape comes in the form of a cosplay contest for ExcelsiCon, the Starfield convention Elle’s father started. One of the prizes is a trip to LA for the premiere of the Starfield film reboot, and Elle figures that if she wins, she can leave and be independent from her step family once and for all.

While she prepares for the contest, Elle has to deal with the fact that her favorite Starfield character, Federation Prince Carmindor, is soon going to be played by pretty boy heartthrob, Darien Freeman. Darien rose to fame because of his role in the teenage show Seaside Cove, and for Elle, he doesn’t deserve to inherit so classic a role. What she doesn’t know, however, is that she and Darien have a lot more in common than she thinks.

What I love about this Young Adult title is how fun it was to read. Ellie’s experiences as a fangirl sounded so authentic because Poston herself is a certified fangirl. The story spoke to and empathized with me in so many ways that I felt I was just being spoken to by a friend while reading the text. Moreover, Poston didn’t rush the narration which allowed for more character development, so even the minor characters were memorable.

You don’t have to be a fangirl or a fanboy to enjoy this book, though. It’s a lighthearted tale with plenty of cute moments and an adorable but never overly cheesy romance, so this is perfect for anyone looking for a youthful, feel-good read. And hey, if you don’t belong or have never belonged to a fandom, that’s totally fine—this story could just be amusing enough to convince you to get into one ASAP.


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Rakkel is a Kpop fangirl who equally loves books and fanfics, deeming them both worthwhile to read. She reads (and sometimes writes) for a living, and her goal is to someday live in a house with full shelves of books in every room (yes, including the bathroom).

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