1. Andrea Labangon

    Joined! Hoping to win these wonderful YA books. I don’t have enough money to buy new books so please pick me :<

  2. These are the great books to read this vacation . All the three are amazing.want to read them all .. & make this vacation more memorable.. hope I win this

  3. and my summer will feel so much complete if the odds are in my favor

  4. John Paulo Leonor

    Choose me since I’m a fan of good books It’s been a while since the last book that I have read now this is the time. Please

  5. Shai Espiel

    Joined!! And hoping to win! Please.

  6. Reading has been part of my entire life. Since I was a kid, I really enjoy reading. It feels like living your life in another world with strangers that turned out to be your family. My life wouldn’t be complete without books. It’s my stress reliever, my inspiration, my life. But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to buy many books as I can because there are some things that my family prioritizes and that makes me stop reading for a while. So if I will win this giveaway, I will get the chance to read again and to experience the wonderful world that is waiting for me inside the book.. ❤

  7. I don’t have enough savings to purchase new good books 🙁 I hope I could get one of this. Please :(((((

  8. Denise Paulino

    I need some new reads and those definitely sound like my kind of books! #fingerscrossed

  9. Please let me be. I’m craving for new reads before my plain summer ends.

  10. Hope I can win one huhu❤❤

  11. Wish i can win this huhu

  12. Mj Campos

    Pick me as a winner pls ! ❤❤❤


  14. Please let me be the one..
    I deserve to win. Mehehe

  15. I’m looking for a new books to read. Wish I could win this one.

  16. I want to win this giveaway!! I really love reading books!!

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