Acrylic paint is a fast-drying paint made of pigment suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. Depending on how much the paint is diluted with water, or modified with acrylic gels, media, or pastes, the finished acrylic painting can resemble a watercolor or an oil painting, or have its own unique characteristics not attainable with other media.

Brands available: Daler Rowney, Golden, Lefranc & Bourgeois, Liquitex, Montana Cans (spray paint), Royal Talens, Sakura, Schmincke (available soon!), Winsor & Newton



Oil paint is a slow-drying paint made of dry pigments ground in a natural drying oil such as linseed or a semi-drying such as safflower. The advantage of the slow-drying quality of oil paint is that an artist can develop a painting gradually and the artist can make changes or corrections as they go along.The disadvantage is that a painting might take months or years to finish.

Brands available: Daler Rowney, Daniel Smith, Gamblin, Lefranc & BourgeoisRoyal Talens, Schmincke (available soon!), Winsor & Newton



Paints for watercolor consist of very finely ground pigments that are bound with (usually) gum Arabic solution. The gum Arabic enables the paint to be heavily diluted with water to make thin transparent washes of color without losing adhesion to the support.

Brands available: Daler Rowney, Daniel Smith, Lefranc & BourgeoisQor by Golden, Royal Talens, SakuraSchmincke (available soon!), Winsor & Newton

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