We recently featured bestselling author Kevin Kwan on our Author Spotlight, where we talked about his latest book, the upcoming movie, and what’s in store for him (and us, his readers!) in the future. But last Friday was your turn, when our favorite Crazy Rich Asian took over @_fullybooked on Twitter!

Here are just some of the questions he answered:

Yikes. He went on to say: “BTW, it did not happen to me. I just heard about it!”

Astrid Leong is #goals.

Wonder which character this is?

And they would “sail down the River Nile on her amazing barge.”

You can check out the rest of his Twitter Takeover on twitter.com/_fullybooked — just search for #AskKevinKwan. And if you missed the Takeover, don’t worry! You can ask him your questions personally when he comes over for the Kevin Kwan Manila Book Tour, happening from August 18-22, 2017. For the full schedule and other details, check out our Event Page on Facebook.



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