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Crime TV fans will be thrilled to pick up Kara Thomas’ latest effort, Little Monsters, a gripping tale of how teens could be the most deceiving of creatures.

Little Monsters starts off as your usual young adult novel: we have our main character, Kacey, who recently moved to Broken Falls. With a new life, new family, new set of friends — she was an outsider who felt the pressure of pleasing these people in her life.

The first bit of the novel could pass off as a horror story as well — with small town urban legends and seances, this sets off the rightful tone for what’s to come: her friend Bailey disappearing after leaving a party early.

And so begins the search for Bailey, dead or alive. However, as the novel is told through Kacey’s perspective, there wasn’t a scavenger hunt for clues but more so a dissection of each character in the novel. Kacey herself has her own secrets — a troubled past that sometimes slivers in to her narrative, making her suspect for most of the book.

But there’s also Bailey’s ex-boyfriend who had the motive but an alibi, Kacey’s stepbrother Andrew who was least expected despite the evidence stacking up against him, and their friend Jade, Bailey’s closest friend, the last person who was with her at the party.

While the reader is made to doubt just about every character in the novel — the best part for me was the inclusion of Bailey’s journal entries in between the chapters. It was a smart way of fleshing out the characters in the novel, and a triumphant way of revealing each one’s intentions.

Little Monsters is a speculative and thrilling read. Quick and as satisfying as an episode of your favourite crime documentary, it’s nearly impossible to put down and forget once finished.


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