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How do I even write about Warcross? Warcross in itself is a world so fantastically built, you’d wish you were cool enough to be in it. Set mostly in Tokyo and in the virtual worlds built by the game, the book is an exciting take on virtual reality, dipping its toes on science fiction and dystopia.

Warcross starts with our heroine, Emika Chen, a bounty hunter struggling to pay rent in New York City. She’s a skilled and brilliant hacker, but has her own personal demons and the current state of the world to hinder her from having a much better life. But all that changed when Emika was chosen as the wild card for the Wardraft and very quickly, we were introduced to a cast of diverse characters.

There’s Hideo Tanaka, the mysterious billionaire with a slew of bodyguards, creator of Warcross, and incidentally, Emika’s personal hero. Romance between these two was hinted in the book early on but it developed a little slowly in the beginning, as Emika was submerged in to a brand new world: Wikkis recording food preferences, team members and rivals going to parties and training before the Warcross Championships start. The romance speeds up towards the middle yet halts towards the end.

But that’s not what Emika’s all about, there was the real reason why she was suddenly pulled into this world anyway. Hired as a hunter for her superior hacking skills by Hideo himself, Emika dives into the games and to what they call as the Dark World to catch another hacker.

If you’ve read Marie Lu’s books before, you’d know that she likes to put twists near the end, and this book is no exception. It’s a fantastic twist though — one that could make you stand up from your seat, and then demand for the next book right away. Unfortunately, the next book has no release date yet, so if you’re the kind of person who likes to do a marathon reading of a series, then maybe hold off, because the ending will leave you with so many questions, you kind of want to knock on Lu’s door for answers.

Reminiscent of your favourite Japanese anime shows, Warcross is exciting and impressive. Hard to put down and mind boggling until the end.


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