Reviewed by Angelica Galicinao


By Marisa de los Santos
320 pp. William Morrow.

If you were to pick a path between settling for stability versus risking your all to bet on the slightest chance that you’ll be truly happy, which would you pick? Would you risk losing yourself and all that you’ve ever known or would you choose to be comfortable, living your life according to your plan?

I’ll Be Your Blue Sky is a lovely weaving of words that speaks of self-discovery and finding one’s self by allowing yourself to be lost. Told in the voice of a woman who seeks clarity amidst the chaos and confusion, you will find yourself nodding in agreement to her thoughts and realizations. It’s not even just that, she conveyed these musings in such beautiful language and quirky sentences that I found myself highlighting statements I found interesting. “Nicely phrased” is an appropriate description to the entire book, and Marisa de Los Santos has done a very good job in making her characters very much relatable and seemingly real. With its excellent choice of words, it successfully draws out the emotions the writer has intended for you to feel. For at least a dozen times, I felt a lump in my throat. For at least a dozen times, I found myself suppressing giggles. It makes you feel something, no matter what page you are in.

Is it a romance novel? It is, but it’s so much more than that. Initially, one would get the feeling that it’s dragging and has a lot of unnecessary parts. Honestly, in the first few days of reading the book, I found it hard to enjoy. It didn’t engage me or inspire me in a way that would motivate me to “devour” it (for lack of a better word). I powered through anyway, because I didn’t see myself as a quitter (and also mainly because I didn’t want to be penalized), and I am so glad I did. What really stood out for me was the story-telling. It gets better when you reach the middle part, as the heart of the story unfolds right before your eyes. It has its own way of growing on you, I guess…or maybe I’m just sappy. also I especially like the fact that it has a lot of nerdy references and I think that if I were to recommend a romance novel to a dork who only wants to feel something, this would be it. The characters she created are lovable, but, more than that, the characters have profound insights about life that I’m sure will stick with you even after you’ve finished the book. It definitely is an enjoyable read through and through.

The verdict? It’s beautiful enough to finish from the first page to the last, and then you hug it afterwards because you loved the story-telling. It’s as if I found myself too in the end, after getting lost in the characters and in the story. It is charming and endearing in its own way, leaving you lost in thought long after you’ve finished it.


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