Ernest Cline’s bestseller is hitting the big screen soon! To prepare for this virtual trip down memory lane, we gathered three bookworms and talked to them about Ready Player One, their expectations for this adaptation, and their usual book-turned-movie rituals. Read our conversation below, and share your own thoughts in the comments!

Have you seen the trailer for Ready Player One? What are you most excited about?

Ilia says: Apart from the multiple virtual locations in OASIS (the novel’s virtual reality simulator), I’m most interested in seeing the “stacks,” these trailers/mobile homes on top of each other, up close. It’s a very fascinating visual element of the story.

Ish says: Yes. I’m excited about bringing a lot of sci-fi elements from different movies and video games together into one movie.

Abbie says: Yes, I have seen the trailer and I am very excited about the movie. I am really hoping the actors playing the characters are awesome and of course I am also excited about how they will adapt the technology described in the book to the big screen.

What do you think it is about Ready Player One that captured the imagination of readers and propelled a film adaptation by Spielberg, nonetheless?

Ilia says: These days, people are increasingly nostalgic about the past and ’80s nostalgia, in particular, is almost ubiquitous in western media—from Stranger Things to the newest adaptation of Stephen King’s It. I feel like a lot of people are interested in reliving their childhood (and consuming its pop-culture artifacts), whether on screen or through the pages of a book.

Ish says: Considering that the book is heavy with sci-fi elements, you can play a lot with its components using your imagination. It’s easier to translate these things into the big screen now considering today’s technology. It will be exciting to see what Spielberg can cook up using the tools he has at his disposal.

Abbie says: I think the appeal would be the combination of not-so-distant future and the not-so-distant past coming together in one story.  And since the not-so-distant past is the ’80s, a lot of people can still relate to the story and be nostalgic about it. Its really pop-culture heavy.

Do you usually re-read a book before seeing a movie? Why or why not?

Ilia says: Usually, I would. Just to familiarize myself with the story’s universe and the motivations of its characters. But for Ready Player One, I have a feeling I might enjoy the movie more than I did the book. The visuals might come alive more when you’re not comparing it in your head with the textual descriptions.

Ish says: No, because I want to be surprised again. When re-reading a book, its easy to remember what happens on the next page. I’d rather not remember much so that I can enjoy the movie and not be distracted with my brain telling me what happens next or the book did that scene in a certain way.

Abbie says: I prefer to read the book or re-read the book before seeing the movie. I am always curious about the difference between the book and the movie. Also, it’s my way of knowing if the director is really good or not (haha!) I just hate it when a very good book turns to a very bad movie.

Without spoilers—what’s the one thing you want the movie to get right?

Ilia says: The harsh realities of the future as imagined by Ernest Cline. Ready Player One is about escaping from the corporeal reality to a virtual one. For the audience to appreciate the appeal of a virtual world like OASIS, you first have to see and understand why people are so desperate to escape to it in the first place.

Ish says: The book is about video game escapism and how it relates to how people would rather spend time distracted in an imagined world than deal with real world problems. Hopefully the movie conveys the moral well enough that it’s not drowned in the action scenes and CGI. Besides that, I play video games a lot, so I’m one of those readers who geek out when characters or games are referenced in the book. Hopefully the movie will do it justice for the gaming community, while at the same time, not alienating those who don’t play video games  or are not into sci-fi as much.

Abbie says: Personalities of the characters and the important game details as described in the book. 🙂

Ready Player One is hitting cinemas on March 31, 2018. Brush up on the book before seeing the movie! Ready Player One is available at Fully Booked stores and Fully Booked Online.

Ilia gave up instant coffee three years ago and never looked back. Words are her first love but she also works with numbers now. Ish loves reading and sharing stories. Abbie loves reading and listening to music. Jigsaw puzzles relax her.

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