A passionate love story and a fascinating exploration of the power of tradition and the possibilities not just for change but for revolution.

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of A Discovery of Witches comes a novel about what it takes to become a vampire. We return to the All Souls Universe, created by Deborah Harkness, this time following Matthew de Clermont, Marcus MacNeil, and Phoebe Taylor on their vampiric journeys. Our reviewers Chris, Clifford, and Jowana share their thoughts below.

The Bigger Picture

Chris says: Having read—and loved—the All Souls Trilogy from years past, it felt like a warm homecoming of some sort to read about familiar characters told from a different perspective and on a much more nuanced tale than it was before. […] The novel as a whole provides rich and layered answers to questions about Marcus and Phoebe from the previous trilogy.

Clifford says: It was a part of a larger story (The All Souls Trilogy), which – full disclosure – I have not read. At least not yet. The good news is that the novel is not weighed down by its predecessors, and can be enjoyed on its own, which, I thought, was a good sign.

Jowana says: I have not read a single Harkness book and so I tried to piece some of the puzzles and supply the missing parts to fully understand her latest novel. It took me some time to familiarize with the story since her previous trilogy, I guess, has a developed fantasy world-building she did not choose to repeat in her latest novel. Still, the philosophical component of this companion book is satisfying enough for anyone unfamiliar with Harkness.

The Center

Chris says: Time’s Convert is about time’s omnipotence. […] We see it starkly portrayed from Marcus’s life, death, and rebirth to Phoebe’s transformation to the unwieldy powers of Diana and Matthew’s children.

Clifford says: Raising a family seems to be the main theme amongst all three stories: Phoebe, returned to infancy and had to relearn something as basic as walking; Marcus, a working-class American, forced to integrate with an aristocratic (and vampiric) French family; and Matthew and Diana, caught between traditionalist families while trying to raise their children in a modern age.

Jowana says: The thread connecting all stories is time. […] Understanding the memories of the past, the actions in the present, and the possibilities of the future is a necessary step in living life. More so in the case of the vampires, since they are almost assured of immortality barring a stake in the heart.

The Verdict

Chris says: Do not be intimidated coming into this novel without any background of the previous books. You won’t miss a beat. It will get you curious and grab them after you’ve put this one down because all the characters in The All Souls Universe have interesting stories to tell.

Clifford says: If you want a good supernatural story with a fresh approach to vampire lore – one that doesn’t rely on romantic or vampiric clichés to get the story moving, then you should consider Time’s Convert.

Jowana says: We return to the question, “what does it take to become a vampire?” Living life to the fullest and fighting for the right to live. Just like us humans.


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Chris works as a Systems Administrator by day and a recluse at night. Read his full review here.

Clifford is a freelance content writer and musician who loves coffee, crafts book slipcases, and can talk for hours about comics. Read his full review here.

Jowana has harnessed her powers working as a social media manager for almost a decade. Read her full review here.

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