In this enchanting sequel to The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Mitch Albom tells the story of Eddie’s heavenly reunion with Annie—the little girl he saved on earth—in an unforgettable novel of how our lives and losses intersect.

Albom has captured the world when he first opened the doors to his interpretation of heaven years ago, and now First Look Club reviewers Chris, Jean, and Jody step into this heaven—in Jody’s case, for the first time—with fresh eyes and ready hearts. Read their thoughts below.

First Encounters

Chris says: I read The Five People You Meet in Heaven back in 2006. […] I experienced a deeply personal tragedy; a loss in the family, and my reality then was inescapably painful. […] Albom’s book provided the hope that felt so elusive at that time.

Jean says: Fifteen years ago, Mitch Albom released The Five People You Meet In Heaven. […] I was in high school, and I can honestly say that it made me bawl just as much as his previous novel Tuesdays with Morrie had. I blame it on the emotional roller coaster that was puberty.

Jody says: I had never read a Mitch Albom book before, so I don’t have any basis for comparing this one with his other books—I wouldn’t be able to tell if this was better, worse, or just as good as any of his previous works. What I can tell you, however, is that this can definitely be read as a standalone.

Life Lessons in a Small Package

Chris says: This book is a story of redemption and acceptance, of learning to see the beauty of mistakes, or as the book says, mistakes that lead you to the right things. [Albom] peppers the book with insights and wisdom reminiscent of his first book, Tuesdays with Morrie. […] The chapters are short and concise that it’s easy to finish it in less than a day.

Jean says: A quick easy read that is almost guaranteed to make you feel all the things. It’s sentimental, melodramatic, and almost too predictable. I don’t know if this is merely a symptom of having matured as a reader, but this often felt like a 200-page long sermon without any real depth.

Jody says: The book itself is rather short, and touches lightly on a wide array of topics and messages, though never deeply enough in my opinion. […] Annie’s five people each leave her with a different lesson to learn that I personally wanted to explore and linger on a little longer.

The Verdict

Chris says: This [book] gave me a deeper appreciation of life, of appreciating our flaws and our mistakes, the brevity of our life, this journey we are on, and the heaven waiting for us with the people that mattered to us.

Jean says: Despite some rather formulaic twists, you will find yourself cheering for Annie, and wishing for her to find happiness. Make sure you have Kleenex on hand.

Jody says: For readers looking for a simple, not too lengthy, yet hard-hitting read, [this] would be perfect for you. And for readers with looser and freer flowing tear ducts, make sure you have some tissue with you.


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Chris works as a Systems Administrator by day and a recluse at night.
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Jean has, at different points in her life, worked in government, interviewed international celebrities, and been the social media manager for several brands.
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Jody is currently an undergraduate student taking up Education and is discovering everyday the greatest bits about reading and learning that fuel our thinking.
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