With half of 2019 almost done, it’s probably time for a mid-year check-up on our reading life. How many books have you ticked off your to-be-read list? We’ve gathered a bunch of bookworms across our stores to share our reading goals and what we have on our TBR lists!


Fully Booked Greenhills
Reading goal: I’d love to read self-help books and be able to read one book a month.



Fully Booked Greenhills
Reading goal: Be able to understand what is inside the mind of a psychopath and what are the reason why they do terrible things.



Fully Booked Greenhills
Reading goal: Be able to expand my knowledge on books about psychological horror and the macabre.

Ysabel_No Longer Human     Ysabel_Gideon Falls     Ysabel_Smashed


Fully Booked CDO
Reading goal: I’d like to explore books about military strategy, survival skills, and personal development.



Fully Booked Davao
Reading goal: I’d love to read gay fiction.



Fully Booked Davao
Reading goal: I’d like to read more books that can help me with everyday living.



Reading goal: I’d like to lose sleep again “with proper purpose” and read at least fifteen books within this year.



Reading goal: My only goal this year is to read The Lord of the Rings. (I’m still on the first.) If, by some miracle, I’d still have some spare time, I’d also like to read more nonfiction.

     Hannah_D-Day Girls     Hannah_Lonely City

How about you, reader? Share your reading goals and to-be-read books in the comments!

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